Evaluating our Progress

Progress will be evaluated primarily by an impartial, external Review Board comprised of leaders from academia, governmental organizations, industry, and the community. Board members will be given full access to information regarding the Institute’s internal metrics of success, as well as to the data that could be used to evaluate the Institute’s progress.  These data are expected to include information on the number and types of Institute members and program participants; course/module development; public feedback; peer-reviewed publications; policy-related developments; and external grants and contracts.  The Review Board will meet on a semi-annual basis by teleconference, although at first it may be practical to meet on a quarterly basis to help guide the Institute through the rapidly evolving first year.  Before each teleconference session, Institute executives will send the Review Board a summary of activities (approximately five pages) that occurred the preceding period. Over the short term, academic guidance will be provided by a faculty Steering Committee who will meet on a monthly basis with Institute personnel to discuss current directions in light of overall Institute goals and vision.  One of the primary activities of the Steering Committee will be to set and track the metrics by which the success of the Institute will be measured by the quarterly to semi-annual meetings of the Review Board.