PAI conducts research and publishes reports on corporate and government accountability issues, independently and in partnership with other organizations. We focus much of our research on the role of powerful and wealthy individuals, organizations, and networks in our economy and politics. Our reports shed light on topics such as corporate tax avoidance, big banks and predatory lending, and economic development boondoggles.

PAI reports have been covered by a number of major media outlets. See our press page for more details of coverage. Below are some of our recent reports:

Widely Abused Tax Break Forces Property Owners and Renters to Subsidize Luxury Housing

Contents Introduction Key findings Methodology How 485-a harms Buffalo homeowners and renters Other taxpayers subsidize break for luxury developers Rising rents drive displacement Questionable uses of exemption Buffalo’s 485-a beneficiaries Notable 485-a projects in Buffalo One Canalside Campus Walk 301 … Continue reading

Contents Key findings II. The Existing Danskammer Peaker Plant, Its Replacement and Tiger Infrastructure Partners III. How Wall Street Plans to Profit from Danskammer: Overcharging the Public Through the NYISO, a Privately-Administered System IV. Danskammer Will Pollute the Air in … Continue reading

How Cuomo’s Donors and Top Associates Profit from ICE
July 2018

Contents Key findings Cuomo and ICE landlords RXR Realty & Blackstone Group Cuomo economic development czar Howard Zemsky leases to CBP Other landlords to ICE and CBP donate to Cuomo Cuomo attended $5,000 per person fundraiser thrown by lobbying firm … Continue reading

Contents Key findings Commissioner Norman J. Kennard Former law firm currently represents Sunoco to PPUC in Mariner East matters Kennard & his firms represented numerous oil and gas clients Served as counsel to Trump FERC appointee Robert F. Powelson Commissioner … Continue reading

April 2018

Contents I. Introduction Key findings II. CPV Valley Energy Center and the Millennium Pipeline III. CPV and Millennium Lobbying Skyrocketed before Percoco Trial and Pipeline Decision Figure 1: CPV lobbying in NYS & Federally, 2012-2017 Figure 2: Millennium lobbying in … Continue reading

Contents Key findings Methodology Sinatra delinquent on over $800,000 in taxes Map: Sinatra & Company properties with back taxes Millions in incentives and subsidies Endnotes Data set: Sinatra’s owed taxes Download as pdf Download data set About PAI Author: Robert … Continue reading

Contents Key findings PennEast attorney battling NJ townships is in Murphy transition Four PennEast executives & managers – including a former NJDEP official – in Murphy transition PennEast owner’s attorney from major fracking industry law firm on Murphy’s Environment and … Continue reading

Oil & gas
February 2018

Contents Key findings I. PennEast Pipeline and its Critics II. PennEast and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy III. PennEast’s Powerful Revolving Door Lobbyists IV. PennEast Campaign Donations to Phil Murphy V. Are “FERC level returns” and “expansion potential” the real … Continue reading

Oil & gas
January 2018

Contents Key findings Ownership Lenders Map 1. Banks that pulled out of Dakota Access are financing Bayou Bridge Table 1. Lenders to Bayou Bridge companies Louisiana State University Map 2. LSU Center for Energy Studies advisors lobby for Bayou Bridge … Continue reading

How Fossil Fuel Interests Funded, Influenced, and Promoted the University of Minnesota Duluth's Line 3 Pipeline Study
November 2017

Contents Key findings Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Pipeline Business group that commissioned the study has extensive ties to fossil fuel industry and University of Minnesota Duluth UMD ties to group that commissioned the study and to Enbridge The UMD Study … Continue reading

Oil & gas
June 2017

Contents Key findings Atlantic Coast Pipeline Dominion Energy Dominion CEO Tom Farrell The ACP’s revolving door lobbyists Dominion’s former EPA lobbyist McGuireWoods National Association of Manufacturers Dominion gives big to pro-pipeline politicians Conflicts of interest on regulatory boards Banking on … Continue reading

Oil & gas
March 2017

Contents Key findings National Fuel Gas Company Company ownership and executive pay Rate hikes and dividends Banking on National Fuel Northern Access Pipeline Opposition from communities and environmental groups Regulatory approvals Lawyers and lobbyists Download as pdf About PAI Author: … Continue reading

Oil & Gas
March 2017

Pilgrim Pipeline Holdings, LLC (PPH) is proposing a 178-mile double pipeline from Albany, New York to Linden, New Jersey. The underground pipelines will carry fracked Bakken crude oil southward and refined oil products (heating oil, gasoline, diesel, and kerosene) northward. … Continue reading

March 2017

Uber and Lyft, two Silicon Valley companies that brought in more than $4 billion in combined revenue last year, have launched a sophisticated and expensive influence campaign to bring their exploitative business model to Western New York. In addition to … Continue reading

One commissioner is advised directly by an active investor in fracking; the other is a former longtime utility executive
February 2017

This report has been corrected. The oil and gas industry has aggressively pursued pipeline projects in recent years, most notably Dakota Access. This comes as new extraction techniques such as fracking increase the capacity to produce domestic supplies of carbon … Continue reading

Fossil fuel interests vs. climate legislation in New York
October 2016

The Business Council of New York State, a corporate lobbying group backed by fossil fuel interests, has taken a forceful position against climate change legislation in New York State. The group has brought its considerable resources to bear to prevent … Continue reading

Oil & Gas
Spectra Energy hired Cuomo insider just one week after governor announced plans for study
October 4, 2016

Summary of findings Spectra Energy’s Algonquin pipeline runs in very close proximity to the aging Indian Point nuclear power plant, and public safety experts and activists have sounded the alarm about the risks posed by the pipeline and its expansion … Continue reading

Climate change
How the climate denial network is mobilizing to defend Exxon from the AG investigation
June 2016

As state investigations into Exxon’s role in promoting climate change denial continue, a network of high-powered lawyers, think tanks, and pundits has mobilized in defense of the oil giant. Contents Introduction Key findings The lawyers defending climate change denial Map … Continue reading

Oil & Gas
An analysis of the economic studies justifying the Department of Interior's offshore drilling plan
April 2016

The federal government is relying on economic predictions heavily influenced by the oil and gas industry as justification for its proposed offshore drilling program. Contents Introduction Key findings BOEM’s plan to drill in the Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico … Continue reading

Natural gas infrastructure
March 2016

In the period of time since New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo took office in January 2011, companies planning natural gas pipelines and power plants ramped up lobbying efforts, increasing their spending on political influence in Albany and hiring advocates … Continue reading