We specialize in public interest research on power and corruption at the heights of business and government.

Our research brings transparency to entrenched power structures; explains the hidden power dynamics underlying nonsensical and destructive policy outcomes; and exposes conflicts of interest and malfeasance in the public and private sectors. We release our research in a number of formats:

  • Reports. Our reports on issues ranging from taxpayer subsidies to Wall Street lobbying have exposed boondoggles, conflicts of interest, and corrupting influence, and have attracted major media attention and delivered major impact. We also create educational materials that highlight findings from reports and other in-depth research efforts.
  • Blog posts & articles. We blog at Eyes on the Ties,’s blog. Eyes on the Ties offers critical analysis of the power structures behind news stories. We also publish articles at media outlets such as Alternet and the Huffington Post.
  • Our experience as power structure researchers led us to develop (the opposite of “Big Brother”), an open-source, wiki database which tracks information on powerful elites in business and government. We wish we had LittleSis a long time ago; we’re glad we have it now.