PAI is a nonprofit public interest research organization focused on corporate and government accountability. We specialize in researching and mapping power.

What We Do

Our work revolves around power research: research on networks of wealthy and powerful people, organizations, and their relationships. By following the money and connecting the dots in the power structure, we support challenges to corporations and other institutions that drive and benefit from economic inequality, racism, and environmental degradation. In addition to conducting power research, we also work to facilitate it by training people in how to conduct this research, and by developing technology like LittleSis.org (the opposite of Big Brother), a wiki database and tool for mapping power networks.


We conduct research on a wide range of corporate and government accountability issues, but focus much of our research on two of the most powerful industries in our economy: Wall Street and the oil and gas industry. We release research in the form of reports as well as articles on our news site, Eyes on the Ties.


We build and maintain LittleSis.org (the opposite of Big Brother), a database and research platform that tracks information on powerful people and organizations. LittleSis is used by journalists, academics, and activists researching and challenging networks of power and influence. Data is maintained by a growing community of volunteer editors, and the technology behind the site is maintained by PAI staff.


We conduct trainings for researchers, activists and journalists interested in learning how to research power networks, and particularly corporate power. Drop us a line if you are interested in setting up a training with us.