PAI conducts research and publishes reports on corporate and government accountability issues, independently and in partnership with other organizations. We focus much of our research on the role of powerful and wealthy individuals, organizations, and networks in our economy and politics. Our reports shed light on topics such as corporate tax avoidance, big banks and predatory lending, and economic development boondoggles.

PAI reports have been covered by a number of major media outlets. See our press page for more details of coverage. Below are some of our recent reports:

Oil & gas
March 2017

Contents Key findings National Fuel Gas Company Company ownership and executive pay Rate hikes and dividends Banking on National Fuel Northern Access Pipeline Opposition from communities and environmental groups Regulatory approvals Lawyers and lobbyists Download as pdf About PAI Author: … Continue reading

Oil & Gas
March 2017

Pilgrim Pipeline Holdings, LLC (PPH) is proposing a 178-mile double pipeline from Albany, New York to Linden, New Jersey. The underground pipelines will carry fracked Bakken crude oil southward and refined oil products (heating oil, gasoline, diesel, and kerosene) northward. … Continue reading

March 2017

Uber and Lyft, two Silicon Valley companies that brought in more than $4 billion in combined revenue last year, have launched a sophisticated and expensive influence campaign to bring their exploitative business model to Western New York. In addition to … Continue reading

One commissioner is advised directly by an active investor in fracking; the other is a former longtime utility executive
February 2017

This report has been corrected. The oil and gas industry has aggressively pursued pipeline projects in recent years, most notably Dakota Access. This comes as new extraction techniques such as fracking increase the capacity to produce domestic supplies of carbon … Continue reading

Fossil fuel interests vs. climate legislation in New York
October 2016

The Business Council of New York State, a corporate lobbying group backed by fossil fuel interests, has taken a forceful position against climate change legislation in New York State. The group has brought its considerable resources to bear to prevent … Continue reading

Oil & Gas
Spectra Energy hired Cuomo insider just one week after governor announced plans for study
October 4, 2016

Summary of findings Spectra Energy’s Algonquin pipeline runs in very close proximity to the aging Indian Point nuclear power plant, and public safety experts and activists have sounded the alarm about the risks posed by the pipeline and its expansion … Continue reading

Climate change
How the climate denial network is mobilizing to defend Exxon from the AG investigation
June 2016

As state investigations into Exxon’s role in promoting climate change denial continue, a network of high-powered lawyers, think tanks, and pundits has mobilized in defense of the oil giant. Contents Introduction Key findings The lawyers defending climate change denial Map … Continue reading

Oil & Gas
An analysis of the economic studies justifying the Department of Interior's offshore drilling plan
April 2016

The federal government is relying on economic predictions heavily influenced by the oil and gas industry as justification for its proposed offshore drilling program. Contents Introduction Key findings BOEM’s plan to drill in the Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico … Continue reading

Natural gas infrastructure
March 2016

In the period of time since New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo took office in January 2011, companies planning natural gas pipelines and power plants ramped up lobbying efforts, increasing their spending on political influence in Albany and hiring advocates … Continue reading

December 17, 2015

California Governor Jerry Brown has presented himself as a climate leader and the media has largely portrayed him as such, most recently lauding his trip to Paris to attend the COP21 climate change negotiations. However, Brown’s relationship with the oil … Continue reading

The oil industry ties behind think tanks' push to repeal the crude oil export ban

Over the past two years, nine of the most frequently cited US think tanks have released reports endorsing crude oil exports, sent experts to advocate exports in Congressional testimony, and published op-ed columns supporting a repeal of the ban on … Continue reading

92% of non-governmental members of the task force have oil and gas industry ties

The extent to which the oil and gas industry has come to dominate policymaking processes surrounding fracking and related infrastructure is evident in the composition of a pipeline advisory panel recently set up by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. Gov. Wolf’s … Continue reading

The past six months have not been friendly to oil and gas drillers that rely on hydraulic fracturing to exploit shale and other unconventional petroleum sources. As natural gas and oil prices continue to fall, drillers are laying off tens … Continue reading

Buffalo developer and school board member Carl Paladino’s history of racism, sexism, and homophobia – and the powerful network that protects his influence and shields him from accountability UPDATED 6/24 – click here to jump to Part III, Subsidizing Paladino … Continue reading

The oil and gas industry's campaign to silence academic fracking critics

In May 2015, an extraordinary example of academic intimidation involving the oil and gas industry and a fracking researcher came to light. Contents About PAI Executive Summary I. University of Oklahoma /    Oklahoma Geological Survey    Map 1. Austin Holland & … Continue reading

An analysis of the oil and gas industry's case for fracking

In the wake of New York State’s decision to ban fracking, drilling proponents have criticized Governor Andrew Cuomo and his administration for basing the decision on “pseudo science” and “junk science.” When asked about the New York fracking ban at … Continue reading

How the oil and gas industry runs the show at the Center for Sustainable Shale Development
August 2014

Executive Summary Contents About PAI Executive Summary    Key Findings Introduction    Map 1: Oil & gas ties of the 2013    CSSD board and staff The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation    Map 2: Oil & gas ties of the Claude    Worthington Benedum Foundation … Continue reading

An analysis of the defense industry ties of experts and think tanks who commented on military intervention
October 11, 2013

During the public debate around the question of whether to attack Syria, Stephen Hadley, former national security adviser to George W. Bush, made a series of high-profile media appearances. Hadley argued strenuously for military intervention in appearances on CNN, MSNBC, … Continue reading

How gas industry insiders are funding and overseeing the environmental groups behind the Center for Sustainable Shale Development
June 2013

Much has been made of the recently announced Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD), a Pittsburgh-based partnership between 11 fracking companies and non-profit groups. The CSSD bills itself as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for the gas … Continue reading

How MIT’s influential study of fracking was authored, funded, and released by oil and gas industry insiders
March 2013

PAI’s “frackademic” investigation continues with this report on an influential 2011 study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative, led by energy secretary nominee Ernest Moniz. That study, “The Future of Natural Gas,” concluded that the environmental risks of … Continue reading